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Anamy Engle

I wipe tears rolling down my cheeks and decide I want to write something, anything to share my reaction. I just received a message from my friend, Katherine, who suggests that anyone interested should read this blog that her friend writes. This is beautifully written and I can relate to the excitement of seeing the slightest change in a child with challenges. Today I am meeting with the director of an organization I just joined - Smart Kids With Learning Disabilities - because we are going to discuss how I can get involved. My son has auditory processing disorder and expressive language disorder, so this is a personal thing. I am learning so much daily, about my son and myself. I pray for patience, and I try to focus on his talents and strengths. My son is a quiet and shy little boy, whereas his sister is boisterous and gregarious. I am trying to teach my daughter patience when dealing with her brother. Unlike Tova, she doesn't play a role in facilitating what her brother needs. Perhaps she isn't sympathetic or helpful by nature. Like most parents whose children need them in special ways, I am often on auto pilot and I don't stop to think about what I'm doing. Sometimes it takes a profound statement from my quiet son sitting in the backseat of my car to wake me up. He observes and listens, and periodically shares his thoughts and opinions, and lets me know that he's alright. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story. A.

Jennifer Purdy

Thank you so much Anamy. The most rewarding part of putting this out there is the idea that it might be useful to others having similar experiences. I am so grateful that it mean something to you. By the way, everyone in my family is still learning to accept the circumstances! Best of luck with Smart Kids, and please keep in touch. I am sure we will continue to have a lot to share!


Nancy C.

Awesome story from an awesome mom! Looking forward to more...

Jennifer Purdy

Thanks for your awesome awesomeness!


You my friend are AMAZING!!! To walk a moment in anothers shoes is inspiring and humbling. Thank you for opening yourself...a true act of bravery! Declan is an incredibly lucky boy to have you as a mom!
with love Leslie


Dear Jennifer,

What an awesome mother of an awesmoe guy you are! I would so like to talk to you directly via e-mail. I am a lecturer teaching cognitive neuropsychology at an university in South Africa.

Jennifer Purdy

Thanks Louise. I would be happy to communicate with you. Do you have any ideas about how to make that happen?

Kristen Frederickson

Oh, the days, the days when Declan looked like this and our girls were tiny. Miss you.

sara lopergolo

Jennifer, what a beautiful post, thank you for sharing..love you,s

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