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welcome to the blogesphere little lady!!!!xoxo Jennifer

Jennifer Purdy

Thanks Sis Boom Lady!!

Addy Fowle

Whoa, Jen this is so cool! I was hoping you were going to post a blog, so people can see your writing talents and at the same time understand what it's like to live with someone with epilepsy. I think it's really great that you created this blog, so congrats!
PS. I love Tova's post about NYU! I thought it was really sweet and cute.
<3 xoxoxo

Susan Robison

Jen...I finally did it. I am a subscriber however I have always been a fan. Can't wait to explore everything you have included here. Excellent, excellent, excellent! I also love how Tova is "write" in there, too.


Thanks Susan!

Term Paper

Epilepsy! I can't Justice that Epilepsy is your name or your blog title.Any ways.You should keep posting blogs like this, so people can see your writing talents and at the same time understand Then you get many Idea's.

Cindy Hammerquist

Hey Jen,

I really want to talk to you but no longer have your phone or correct email address. Can you please contact me at 9177554582 or [email protected]? thanks! Cindy Hammerquist


Your writing talents are amazing. Am choking back tears about the valentines's story. How beautiful she wanted/s to connect with him on the most real level and not a superficial one


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