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Jen, this is beyond lovely. Your compassion, your hilarious and yet so so touching connection with both children, in such separate and yet connected ways... it brings tears to my eyes. I remember these children from a lifetime ago! I will not pretend to understand fully Declan's experiences, but I will be thrilled to read this blog and learn. Well done, you (as they say in England!)...


Hi Jen, Rachel forwarded this link and I have been catching up with your stories for about a week now. I am so impressed that you are making the time to write this all down...I also just wanted to let you know that I ordered the book you mentioned for school! Even though I am the OT, I find that a lot of really basic social issues come up when I work with small groups, so I always want to take advantage of those times in order to model/teach social skills - can't wait to get it ! I also learned recently about your day job (from Rachel, again :) and I hope that it is going well. You always were an amazing staff developer - any of those teachers would be lucky to have you. Best, Ali (from 89)


I was even there and I still find it absolutely hilarious!!!!!!!
I love the way you word this and you are SUCH an amazing writer.
Keep going :)

Your daughter (and not 40-year-old shopping mom),
Tova <3

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