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stacy fowle

This is so beautiful Jenny. I'm so glad you are back writing, and that you were inspired by this amazing friendship. xoxox


Thanks for sharing this. Keep writing. You have always been a teacher (and now that I'm a mom) that I need to be around. This keeps me close. Thanks.

Nan Brown

It was so wonderful to find your post. I'm so happy for Declan's great adventure and grateful he has Jasper - such a fabulous friend.

susie weiner

you rock Jennifer- lookinf for a preschool job next year?

Kate Baliotti

I can see Dec's shoulders shaking from laughter...how awesome is a sight like that! We need a Jasper! I loved reading this.., ;)

Jennifer Kanter

TWO awesome guys and one excellent writer! xo

Jennifer Purdy

Thanks Nan. This one was important to me. Hope you guys are well.


Jennifer Purdy

Thank you everyone for your feedback. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see or hear about. I love to share information if it means helping others in similar situations!

Jennifer Purdy

Stacy, I am thankful every day for their friendship <3

Betsy Fowle

I loved this and am so glad Stacy shared it with us. Got choked up reading it aloud to some others in our family. What a special friendship! Thanks, Jen.

Jennifer Purdy

Thank you Betsy. Jasper is a VERY special kid and we are so happy that he is a part of our family too!

stacy fowle


William Brown

Do not say that your friend's son is the epitome of boy in front of your son. My father does the same. I always get jealous everytime he appreciates and praises the other boy in front of me.

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